February 14, 2017

There's nothing quite like making tea. 

It is a practice of mindfulness, a moment separate from the rest of time. It is a reminder to slow down, to come back into this moment, to be present with the act of boiling water, of adding the herbs to the pot, then the water. Waiting for the tea to steep. Pouring it into the carefully selected cup, adding your sweetener of choice. Stirring dripping honey or crystalline grains till melted. Getting comfortable by the window in your favorite chair, breathing in deeply the aromatic steam before slowly sipping, savoring each drop. 

Lately my tea of choice has been a blend of Tulsi/Holy Basil and Nettle leaves. Nettle has always been a favorite of mine, I use it in everything when I cook and in almost all of my tea blends and infusions. Tulsi I have had before as a tea, but now I am bonding with it as an herbal ally to help me in this time of great duress. Stirred into each cupful is a pinch of an herbal-sugar blend, lovingly and magically c...

February 9, 2017

 "Great Lady Raven" by Katarmor on DeviantArt 

Sunday January 29th my Moon Cycles returned. For the first time, at eighteen months postpartum, I bled. Relief, ecstatic joy washed over me when I found the red staining my underwear. I had been waiting and waiting, and at long-last, it had returned. The next day I put on my headcovering and went to work, and while sitting in the office, I began to have these sensations surging up within me. Ideas flooding my head, mixed emotions pushing adrenaline through my blood. I could feel Them standing near me, a presence I hadn't felt in a long time. They had come like sharks smelling blood in the water. She had come. My Battle Queen, yes, She is there now. A looming figure with rage in her eyes and blood on her hands, teeth gnashing... then the next minute she is a Queen, hair flowing, the power of the Earth emanating from Her, her hand steadying my shoulder. But also the others... 

I have sat in my fear. Sat with my sadness. I have grieved. I...

February 8, 2017

I read a post recently at the blog, The Woman Who Married A Bear, and it struck a chord within me. She spoke of how blogging has become this capitalist venture, a scramble for personal branding, and how she refused to give in. That she would continue to write for herself. In the last year I had been trying to make a blog like all the others, informational pieces to gain followers that (though I enjoy sharing information for the sake of sharing information) would hopefully down the road lead to clients for my business. That I might become one of those people who make enough 'blogging' that they can work from home and fund their homesteading ventures and so on and so forth. And in attempting to do so, I lost sight of why I originally began blogging years ago. To express myself, to share a bit of my life, my journey, my experiences, with anyone who might stumble upon my words and resonate with them. To write of magic. And the earth... Though I still will keep at my 'business blog' as I fe...

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