February 9, 2017

 "Great Lady Raven" by Katarmor on DeviantArt 

Sunday January 29th my Moon Cycles returned. For the first time, at eighteen months postpartum, I bled. Relief, ecstatic joy washed over me when I found the red staining my underwear. I had been waiting and waiting, and at long-last, it had returned. The next day I put on my headcovering and went to work, and while sitting in the office, I began to have these sensations surging up within me. Ideas flooding my head, mixed emotions pushing adrenaline through my blood. I could feel Them standing near me, a presence I hadn't felt in a long time. They had come like sharks smelling blood in the water. She had come. My Battle Queen, yes, She is there now. A looming figure with rage in her eyes and blood on her hands, teeth gnashing... then the next minute she is a Queen, hair flowing, the power of the Earth emanating from Her, her hand steadying my shoulder. But also the others... 

I have sat in my fear. Sat with my sadness. I have grieved. I...

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