Butter on the Altar

Videos of me and my family sharing about Traditional Foods, Pagan Homeschooling + Parenting, Herbalism, and more! 

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Staring Juniper Wren (Mom) and her Wee Witches Ash & Rowan 

Kitchen Witchery Series

Ep 1: Blessing Our Food

Ep 2: Fermented Sweet Potato Kvass

Ep 3: Water Kefir

Ep 4: Fizzy Nettle-Aid Probiotic Soda

Ep 5: Kitchen Witch Charm

Ep 6: Elderberry Syrup

Ep 7: Dandelion Fritters 

Ep 8: Sprouts!

Ep 9: Wild Foods + Chickweed Grilled Cheese

Ep 10: Soaked Oatmeal + Haymaker's Oat Water

Parenting & Homeschooling


"Wheel of the Year Overview for Little Ones"

"Daily Practice for Little Ones"

"Treasure Web Project"

"Outdoor Play: Herbs in the Garden"

"Spirit Offerings & Nature Altars"