Elen of the Ways 

Wild Woman Wilderness Mystery School

Rewilding Womanhood . Rediscovering Ancestral Wisdom

Reclaiming Our Sovereignty . Reconnecting to the Land  

You are a Forest Woman, They said. You belong to the trees and the river that runs from the mountains to the sea. You are of Fox and Bear and Raven born. Your mother tongue is the language of plant and beast. Your healing ways are of leaf and stone. Go to the forest. Return to the earth. Guide others on the path... 

... Return, the Spirits whispered. 

Return, croaked the bullfrogs in the night. 

Return, sang the birds by the pond. 

Return, said the fire dancing high. 

Return, cried the bowdrill in my hands. 

Return, said the wind in the trees. 

Return, called the Ancestors in the moonlight. 

Come Learn The Mysteries...

Mystery of Blood & Bone

Of Mountain River

Of Gold Veins Buried in the Stone


Mystery of Badger Den

Of Winter's Cold

Of Flowers in the Valley Glen


Mystery of Seed & Womb

Of Mating Rites

Of Final Rest Within the Tomb


Mystery of Spinning Nettle

Of Story Told

Of When to Roam & When to Settle

Mystery of Sitting Out

Of Soul Flight

Of Calling Rain to End the Drought


Mystery of Mother Bear

Of Mending Wounds

Of Braiding Wild Windswept Hair


Mystery of Earth & Sky

Of Returning to

Of Creating With the Earthen Dye


Mystery of Fire, Water

Of Reflection Deep

Of What You're Leaving for Your Daughter 

Elen of the Ways is a Way Back. 

A way back to Holistic, Nature-based Wellness

A way back to Self-Directed, Instinctive Mothering

A way back to our inner Wild Woman, our Forest Witch-selves

A way back to the Land and the Ancestors

A way back to the Village 

The path is strewn with bone needles and heron feathers

There are bobcat tracks in the mud

And wolves walking at our heels

Take up the Bow

That which hunts and nourishes us, that which gives us fire 

Take up the Drum

That which is the beating of our hearts, that which sends us home

Take up the Staff

That which supports us on our journey, that which aids our magic

Join us, your sisters, on the way to remembering, to returning

Website is in-progress. Please contact us for more information in the mean time. **Wild Woman Drummer photo credit: Renée Moura @loitsutar on IG and LoitsuCrafts on Etsy