Fox + Nettle is our home and our business and our temple space all wrapped up together. Our spiritual practice feeds our souls and our gardens, our gardens feed our family and our community, our community feeds our business and our business feeds all the rest. There is no beginning and no end, as we weave magic and healing into every moment of our lives and each of our offerings.



At Fox + Nettle we will grow chemical-free food and herbs and raise animals for our family and our community, host retreats, teach classes, hold rituals and facilitate ceremonies, train priestesses, tend to our bees and our land in a sacred way, create with our hands and our hearts, and help nourish mothers and families and bring babies into the world in peace and autonomy. 

Fox + Nettle is the central hub for the current and future workings of our multiple businesses and temple activities including:

Currently we are dreaming, creating, and manifesting our community, land and home, permaculture gardens, the Traveler's Village, Red Tent + Birth Lodge, Temple Apiary, and more. If you would like to help make this dream a reality, contact us to learn how you can get involved or donate today~