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"Great Lady Raven" by Katarmor

"Great Lady Raven" by Katarmor on DeviantArt

Sunday January 29th my Moon Cycles returned. For the first time, at eighteen months postpartum, I bled. Relief, ecstatic joy washed over me when I found the red staining my underwear. I had been waiting and waiting, and at long-last, it had returned. The next day I put on my headcovering and went to work, and while sitting in the office, I began to have these sensations surging up within me. Ideas flooding my head, mixed emotions pushing adrenaline through my blood. I could feel Them standing near me, a presence I hadn't felt in a long time. They had come like sharks smelling blood in the water. She had come. My Battle Queen, yes, She is there now. A looming figure with rage in her eyes and blood on her hands, teeth gnashing... then the next minute she is a Queen, hair flowing, the power of the Earth emanating from Her, her hand steadying my shoulder. But also the others...

StartFragmentI have sat in my fear. Sat with my sadness. I have grieved. I let it flow, and it was witnessed. The fear then morphed into anger. Rage. As my moon waters flow for the first time since the birth of my daughter I feel the destructive, shedding, rebirthing energy of Kali-Ma rising within me. I feel the serpent unfurling and rising through my spine, the cobra hood spreading open and fangs dropping down. I could spit venom. I could strike and injure. I sit with this too. And... I revel in it. But it is not the destructive anger of depression, lashing out at loved ones. No. It is the anger that is witnessed with mindfulness, and channeled to set the nerves to vibrating with purpose and drive. This is the Morrigu, spear raised in her blood-frenzy. I can see the markings on my face. I can feel the weight of the weapon in my hand. This is She speaking prophesy across the land. This is Sehkmet, I can feel her lion-self stretching within me, teeth sharp and claws gripping my mind and my womb. Now. Now is the time. They have been calling us. Coming to us these months past. And we have asked ourselves and each other why. Those goddesses of Battle, of Sovereignty, of Divine Sexuality and Prophesy. The Morrigan, Sehkmet, Freya... We are the ones we have been waiting for. Wait no more. Gather my sisters. Gather with your magic and your medicine and your power. Your goddesses stand beside you. Wait no more.EndFragment

My healing and birthwork is dedicated to Brighid, my Lady of the Flame. But when Brighid came to me, so did another. The Morrigan. They spoke of each other as Sisters, and yet in the myths they are not related. They each spoke of working in different ways towards a similar end, that I was to be involved, and yet that "end" I knew not. Since then I have seen much on the Interwebs of people claiming to be called to serve The Morrigan and similar "battle" or "sovereignty" deities in seemingly increasing numbers. And everyone wondering why. Then my own curiosity around Brighid and the Morrigan's connection, at least in regards to my work and practice. Well, that day sitting at work, sitting with these goddesses, it finally occurred to me. This. Now. These times we're finding ourselves in. This is a time to rise up, as women, as witches, as sovereign persons. To reclaim our bodily autonomy in health and birth, to reclaim our freedom, to fight for the earth our Mother-Lover. These deities of Battle, of Sovereignty, of Women and Healers and Midwives, they stand with us. But will we stand and fight?

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