Dreams & Visions

July 19, 2017

Yesterday I began recounting dreams that I have had of late, speaking them out loud and recording them to be written down later on: 


I dream of a sea at night. Gray water crashing against dark rocks, of swimming. Of an old midwife walking with me through a sun-lit forest down to the water's edge and an orca rising up to meet us. I dream of a storm coming, and running, of the storm passing and surviving. I dream of a friend together with me and our children but I can't remember the words she shares with me, I wake from the dream and find she's gone into labor. I dream of another friend walking across a meadow to meet me where valerian and yarrow are growing together, our hands moving aside flowerheads and being brushed by feathery leaves while we speak of the heart. I dream of riding horseback, of a budding romance and a lover's gentle touch. I dream of a lodge built of thick tree trunks in a pine forest and a man calling me to ceremony... 


I dropped. Deeper, deeper, deeper. Unintentionally, I slipped this waking state and dove down into the depths. The lilt of my voice nudged me over the edge from simply thinking aloud to the place of prophecy. Images like a movie reel began to play in my mind, but also superimposed over what I was seeing in this reality. My eyelids grew heavy, and my body was overcome by the familiar sensation of a strange duality of both heaviness and weightlessness as my physical body grows heavy and my spirit-self tries to rise out of the top of my head. I had entered the In Between, the place of Trance. The images flashed across my eyes inside and outside my head, and then I began to mutter these words over and over and over... 

Blood and wheat and milk and honey, blood and wheat and milk and honey, blood and wheat and milk and honey...

I had a vision of an apple falling from a tree, and then the tree falling to the ground, old and burnt-looking and crumbling into dust-- the sky behind it dark. Of darkness and flashing light like fire and women's screams. I saw the sea rising and falling, the seasons changing from spring to summer to fall to winter and back again fast, fast, faster like a timelapse video. While the seasons changed around me I looked down into my cupped hands and held blueberries, and then seeds. Then my hands are bloody, there is a knife held in my right hand as I skin a creature, blood running down my arms and soaking tawny fur. Then I am eating the meat of the beast, there is blood in my mouth. Someone, a woman, begins speaking, and then I am repeating aloud in waking reality Blood and wheat and milk and honey over and over again as the vision continues. Someone hands me a staff, I am wearing white and looking at myself through the eyes of another. Blood is marked on my face, my mouth, and is being poured over my shoulders. I am blessing the land, then I am marking a woman, blessing her swollen belly with blood, wheat, milk and honey. The Someone's voice says to me, "Völva". Suddenly the vision ends and I return.

I know not what it means, though I have my suspicions. And I feel, though I did not see her, that the woman speaking to me and handing me the staff and marking me with blood, was Freya, who I have felt around me as of late. I plan on Journeying to speak with Her soon, and see what else I can ken about the vision. This was my first time having a waking vision like that, and it took me by surprise. But I could feel it, the Truth of it. The weight of it on my shoulders like the blood pouring down my dress. Like when you wake from a dream, Knowing that it was more than just a dream. 

Image from History Channel's Vikings show, which is what I thought of when I came out of the vision. It is from a scene where Lagertha acts in the role of a priestess and blesses their new farmland with a ritual sacrifice. 

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