In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was Darkness. And the Darkness, was lonely. Thus the Darkness spoke, and there was Light. And Darkness loved the Light, and the Light loved the Darkness, and their love was so strong that their bodies came together and Created All That Is.

Then, from All That Is that was Created through their Love, there were new gods and spirits that formed as the planets and the stars were shaped, as the mountains spat fire and creatures rose from the vast seas to walk the land that was the body of even older sleeping gods.

One day, one of these Beings, one of these spirits looked at their body, and the body of their comrades, and looked to the earth. They took up blood that came from the sacred place between their legs, and mixed it with the clay of the earth, and formed the People of the Earth in Their image.

They set the People of the Earth a task: you are of the earth, not apart from it. It is your place to protect all things, it is your role to honor and worship, to give and then take only what you need. All will be provided for you, anything that you may have need of the earth can give you, if you care for the earth and its creatures. For the Stone Clans and the Plant Clans, the Animal Clans and the Spirit Clans, all are your Ancestors. All are your Clan. To turn against them, to turn against the earth, is the only Sin.

And for a long, long time-- for a thousand years is a blink in the eyes of older gods-- the People of the Earth lived as they were instructed. They took care of the earth and the earth took care of them. All of their needs were met, they thrived. Their children were born and could speak to Plant and Beast, their Elders lived for many years to pass on their wisdom to the children. But then, one day, everything changed.

We turned against the earth, against all our relatives, against our Clan. We sinned. And we began to forget.

But now, now as the sea rises up to swallow our cities, as the earth shudders and opens up and mountains spit fire once more, as the Fish Clans disappear and the Tree Clans are cut away and our wombs grow empty and barren like our fields, some of us are Waking. Some of us are Remembering. Some of us are Returning. Some of us have found The Way back.

This, is a new beginning. Come join me on the Way Back Home. Join me in Remembering.

I am birthing a new project, a Women's Wilderness + Mystery School

>> Rewilding Womanhood . Rediscovering Ancestral Wisdom . Reclaiming Our Sovereignty . Reconnecting to the Land <<

More information coming soon...

Until We Meet Again,

Juniper Wren

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